new summer fun at cone park

The Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department is continuously striving to make Cone Park the best recreation destination in Iowa and we are excited to announce some new park additions that will provide even more ways to socialize and have fun.  With these additions, Cone Park will become a year-round destination to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

mountain bike park

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have professionally designed and maintained mountain bike trails in Sioux City? Thanks to the mountain bike community and supporters, the Parks and Recreation staff are currently in the process of working with professionals to develop a regional trail system that will turn Cone Park into a legitimate mountain biking destination. The trail system will offer multiple flow-style trails optimized for mountain biking complete with jumps, bermed corners, rollers, rock gardens, and more! The Mountain Bike Trail System can be utilized by bikers as well as pedestrians and will be designed to offer something for everyone, from an avid rider to someone just getting started. The opportunities will be limitless. We want to hear from you – fill out the survey!

summer tubing

Sick of waiting around for winter to enjoy Cone Park?  Well who said you needed freezing temps and snow for tubing? Welcome to Summer Tubing at Cone Park.  After the winter thaw, the tubing hill will be transformed, with the addition of plastic lanes designed to work perfectly with the regular “snow” tubes, to allow visitors the chance to slide down the hill at incredibly high speeds. If that seems too much for the little ones, we are also planning to build an additional smaller summer tubing hill for those that want a little less heart-racing experience. 

Summer tubing at Cone Park, similar to winter tubing, will adhere to very high safety standards and will include an extremely reliable breaking system to smoothly slow users to a complete stop. 

we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please share your recommendations for Cone Park improvements. We will consider all community input and feedback. Thanks!

donate today

If you are excited to see Summer Tubing and Mountain Bike Trails at Cone Park please consider providing a charitable donation. All donations will go directly toward supporting the construction of these new amenities and toward establishing Cone Park as the ultimate year-round, family-orientated, entertainment destination for our entire community.